Software Developer

Brüel & Kjær

– Present (8 years 2 months)Nærum, Denmark

* Working with SQL Server. Made an EAV architecture.
* Part of automotive team
* Using WPF and C#: Made Calculator, Virtualized datatable, Data Search, Property grid, Metadata editor etc.


CBR Development

– Present (9 years)Frederikssund, Denmark

I do advanced software development in C#. Using technologies like WPF, SQL server, Installation tools, WCF, Message Queuing, remoting, Math, Entity Framework with customized T4 templates, backup, advanced software architecture, advanced SQL server architecture…etc.

Software developer/Architect

Forca (former PKA)

(1 year 11 months)

Developing software using Microsoft technology. We are using C#, .NET 2.0 and SQL server 2000/2005. Legacy systems are still Oracle based.

Software Manager


(4 years)

We did advanced instrument development and lot’s of software in C++ and later C#. I started as a lead software developer and became software manager.

Sadly the investors decided to pull the plug. It was a very busy period for this startup company which I joined when we were only 12 people growing to over thirty over the years.

Software developer/Architect

IT Practice

(1 year)

Written INFRAquant: The system was written using .NET 1.1 and Sql server MSDE. It’s a standalone application written by me.

Future oriented
INFRAquant is a secure investment in the future. Based on the latest software technology it means a longer lifetime and easy access to upgrades. Furthermore the design and architecture of INFRAquant allows for customised solutions and future modules. With all configurations and data saved in the embedded SQL database, this information can be made accessible on a network, based on a philosophy that a good analytical result is an interesting product on itself.
Intuitive user interface
The primary objective of the design was simplification. Any operator without training should be able to perform analysis on an INFRAquant driven NIR system from Q-Interline. Our role model was a simple balance and with the configurable steps INFRAquant can truly be adapted to meet most requirements, without loosing the simple wizard-like workflow.